We are ready to be of service to you, your family and friends.

        We take our role as your eyecare professionals seriously and are fully committed to providing you a safe visit with us.  With things getting back to normal, we still need your help and cooperation to be able to provide the best service and care during your visit to our office.  At this time, we prefer to continue to work by appointment. Please call our office (847) 498-3737 to schedule a time to visit, we are sure we can accommodate most any schedule, or come close to it.  That said, if you need something we can help with, please stop by, we wont turn you away.

Exams – Glasses and Contacts:

       We are seeing patients on a regular schedule,  so your arrival time is one of the keys to success for making your visit in our office a comfortable and smooth visit. We ask that you please be punctual and arrive a few minutes ahead of your appointment time should we need additional information.

  • Ahead of your appointment, we will email you a patient history form, which we will need you to fill out (you will be able to do this at home, as it is a fillable PDF form)  Please print and bring in at your appointment time, or return via email ahead of your appointment date and time.
  • We kindly ask to you to use our hand sanitizer when entering, just as another safety measure for everyone’s benefit (or, if you prefer, you can wash your hands).
  • All patient contact surfaces will be disinfected using hospital grade wipes/sprays before and after each patient.
  • We are working mask optional, if you wish to wear one please do.  If you prefer to have us wear a mask, please let us know.  Others in the office may not be wearing masks, this is due to the significant decrease in cases reported in our area and is an option offered by the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health. 

Our office is fortunate to have technology that allows us to increase social distance for many parts of the exam. Our Daytona Optomap is a digital image retinal scanner that provides the ability in most cases to view the retina without dilating drops and without the doctor needing to be within inches of the patient’s face. We have also installed extra barriers and safety measures our exam room.

Eyeglasses – Selection, Pickup or Repair:

      We will see you for any eyewear service (selection, adjustments or repairs).

  • Picture taking/facetime or other digital tools you have to share the experience is welcomed and is encouraged, and a great way to get feedback from those you care to share with when making your selectio0. when family or friends cannot be with you.
  • Cleaning and sanitation has always been the highest priority at our office, even with the Covid 19 trending down, we continue in our efforts.
  • All hard surfaces from the front door and throughout our office have been sanitized and will throughout the day.

Your comfort and safety is of utmost importance to us. We sincerely appreciate your support and wish for you, your family and everyone you care for to be safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Brian Scott

Be well, stay safe and healthy!


Our professional staff will assist you in choosing the right frame from  the latest collections from many different designers and vendors, and the best, thinnest, most durable lenses offering you the best possible vision.

We will help you in the selection of the right frame and lens combination for your regular everyday glasses, to your sunglasses and specialty glasses such as prescription lenses formulated for working at the computer to solve CVS (computer vision syndrome), and also offer Blue Filter lenses to block disruptive blue light from electronic devices of all types.  We encourage you to stop in and see the latest frames and sunglasses as we are always updating our inventory.

Our optometrist specializes in childrens eye exams and for those  hard to fit contact lens patients  wearing daily disposable lenses to gas permeable lenses.  We encourage to you schedule your next exam today.


Doyle Opticians in Deerfield is committed to providing the best in eye care and eyewear with personal services and professional guidance. Committed to providing the best experience in eyeglass service and selection, our customer & patients will leave with the best that we can offer. Doyle Opticians of Deerfield will never under-serve our customer.

Blue Light Glasses

We first mentioned blue light glasses back in early December. Since then, searches for this product category have increased by 300%. So we decided to dig a bit deeper into this exploding topic.

Blue light glasses (also known as “Blue Light Blocking Glasses”) are tinted glasses that can block blue light coming from laptops, tablets and phone screens. The lenses in blue light glasses were traditionally dark orange. They did a great job blocking blue light, but many people were reluctant to wear them on virtual meetings (i.e. Zoom calls).

Recent advances have led to a translucent version of blue light lenses, which is what has been leading to this surge in interest in this category.

What’s Next?

People are becoming aware that blue light exposure can impair eye health and sleep quality. Blokz, which has seen rapid growth, was on of the first to bring clear blue light blocking lenses to market. But they’re far from alone. Felix Gray has a line of stylish clear blue block lenses. And we’ve also discovered a growing niche of blue light filtering “gaming glasses” for people who regularly play video games!